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1          The Club is called "THE MASHONALAND TURF CLUB and was founded in 1892.


2.         The Head Office of the Club is situated at Borrowdale Park Race Course, Borrowdale Harare Zimbabwe


3          (a)        To foster, encourage and advance the sport of Horse Racing.

            (b)        To promote and obtain honourable practice in Horse Racing.

(c)        To improve and promote the breeding of thoroughbred horses in Southern Africa.

(d)        To hold, promote and arrange race meetings, gymkhanas and such other functions as may be conducive to the aforesaid objects.

(e)        To admit the Public to such race meetings, gymkhanas and/or other functions and to charge an admission fee or other dues thereof.

(f)        To provide on the Club's premises and at such other places as may seem desirable in the interest of Club members, social amenities for the use and enjoyment of members and of visitors.

(g)        To carry out the business of Race Course Proprietors in all its branches and in particular, to lay out and prepare any land for the training of horses and for the running of horse races or steeplechases and to construct grand or other stands, booths, stabling for horses, paddocks, refreshment rooms and such other erections, buildings and conveniences, whether of a permanent or temporary nature, which may seem directly or indirectly conducive to the Club's objects.

(h)        To invest and deal with the monies of the Club not immediately required, upon such securities and in such manner as may from time to time be determined.

(i)         To borrow, raise or secure the payment of money, and in particular, by     the issue of debenture or debenture stock, perpetual or otherwise, charged upon all or any of the Club's property both present and future.

(j)         To sell, improve, manage, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property, whether movable or immovable, and the rights of the Club, but so that the amounts realised and the profits (if any) shall be applied in promoting the objects of the Club.

(k)        To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire any land and/or buildings and any movable property considered necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Club.

(l)         To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.



The Club product portfolio includes the following:

TOTALISATOR: Is a horse racing betting product available countrywide through the Club’s 30 strong branch network. The product operates on a computer software system with a central server at the Club’s head office.

LOTTO: The Club operates the country’s first Lotto game on behalf of the President's Fund, a registetered Charitable Trust licenced to run a Lottery in terms of the Lotteries and Gaming Act (Chapter 10:26). The Lotto game raises funds for Charity with disbursements that are published in the country’s daily papers for the benefit of the public and accountability. The disbursements are also displayed at all MTC Lotto outlets and Agents outlets countrywide.


The Club is the sole horse racing operator in Zimbabwe and has invested in the development of the sport for more than a century. The Club owns the Borrowdale Race Course the country’s only remaining course and is home to the country’s largest brands like the OK Grand Challenge; Castle Tankard, The ZNA Charity race and others. Horse Racing events held at Borrowdale are broadcast live on DSTV’s Telly Track channel which has audience in almost 70% of the world.


The Club’s customer base is spread throughout the country with a branch network which also covers all major cities and towns across the country. The Club operates on a cash basis; all punters are required to pay cash up front and on each transaction the Club realises a commission for facilitating the transactions.



The Turf Club relies mainly on telecommunications systems to support the betting platform with a central server at the Club’s head office. The major communications service providers include Tel One; Telco, Liquid Communications, Netone One; Econet and Telecel.



The Club has working relationships with international establishments like Phumelela Gold Enterprises (PGE), a South African Company that also runs horse betting business in South Africa, and the arrangement is such that some of the Club’s outlets operate as agents replica rolex watches for PGE, which is commingled with major international racing centres. Through this agreement the Club managed to strengthen its competitiveness and contain business risk. Locally the Club works amicably with the authorities like the Lotteries and Gaming Board, ZIMRA and Financial Institutions like CBZ, Stanbic, ZB Bank and CABS.




The Club introduced a Point of sale mobile Lotto terminal for business expansion purposes. This product allows for the integration of the Lotto system into major retail. This platform is a major area of growth for the Club, and added services will be needed for its expansion. Virtual racing is another new innovation that offers dog racing, augmenting the product portfolio of the Club.

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