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The Original Lotto is now available on Mobile. To register on the application simply dial *456# and register a four digit personal identification number (PIN). NB: You register once on the platform and to play simply dial *456# and follow instructions appearing on your phone. The service is currently available on Econet and Telecel.


Lotto Rules


LOTTO is licensed to The President’s Fund (Registered Charitable Trust No 28/91). In terms of an

Operating Agreement entered into between The President’s Fund and the Mashonaland Turf Club, the

operation of LOTTO is conducted through the Mashonaland Turf Club (the Operator). Independent Auditors

appointed by The President’s Fund audit each weekly game and supervise the draw.



Shall mean the game of chance known as LOTTO licensed and managed by The President’s Fund.


Shall refer to the bet-mark input card, whereby players may choose (or have chosen on their behalf) the

combination of numbers which they wish to play.


Shall refer to the computer printed output ticket, which is the official receipt for LOTTO. The

information on the ticket shall include the following:-

“,”(Comma) separates numbers within a draw.

“-“ (Dash) includes all numbers within a range from the first to the last number



Shall refer to the amount of money, which the Operator shall from time to time make available from sales to different

categories of prizes.


Shall refer to the Rules herein contained and as amended from time to time by the Operator in liaison with the President



Shall refer to any LOTTO Agent appointed by the Operator from time to time to sell Lotto tickets.


1. The Rules contained herein apply to each and every game of LOTTO held within the borders of Zimbabwe.

They also apply to every person who is involved in playing the game of LOTTO. By completing the LOTTO card and

paying the relevant entrance fee, the player agrees to be bound by the Rules, a summary of which appears on the

LOTTO card.

2. No person under the age of 18 may purchase a ticket.

3. Trustees and employees of The President’s Fund, Mashonaland Turf Club, Matabeleland Turf Club,

such Advertising Agency and such Auditors as are being utilized by the Operator and/or The President’s

Fund from time to time may not participate in the game.

4. An individual may purchase as many Lotto tickets as desired. Every ticket must be paid for in money

of legal tender in Zimbabwe.

4.1 A ticket shall constitute prima facie evidence only of the placing, existence, terms and details of

a LOTTO entry, and is issued subject to the Rules.

4.2 The only conclusive evidence of the placing, existence and terms of a LOTTO entry or of its

cancellation shall be the operator’s main computer records, the information contained in which computer

record shall override all other evidence represented by and contained in a ticket.

5. The game will be conducted weekly and will entail players choosing six numbers, in any order, out of

45 available numbers. At the close of each weekly game a draw will take place to select six numbers from the

available forty-five (45). A seventh number shall be considered as a bonus number to receive a consolation


6. The player may specifically select six numbers, or receive a selection of six numbers randomly

generated on the LOTTO ticket.

7. The machine used for the draw will ensure that, six numbers plus an additional (seventh or bonus

number) are randomly chosen from the forty-five (45) numbers available. The independent Auditors will check

these balls and machine before every draw, to satisfy themselves that the draw is fair and random.

8. The Auditors will supervise and control each draw and may order a re-draw if they deem it necessary.

Their decision, in this respect, will be final.

9. In the event of a malfunction, the draw or any part thereof, shall be performed manually in

accordance with the instructions of the Auditors and at their sole discretion. The venue of the draw may change

without notice.

10. If the player chooses the correct six numbers, he/she wins a prize. If more than one person

correctly predicts the numbers, the respective prize pool is shared. If the correct numbers are not

predicted, the prize money accumulates for future games.

11. A Jackpot Prize Pool will be given for correctly predicting six numbers. Lesser prize pools will be

given for correctly predicting five and four of the numbers respectively as well as a bonus number for each of

these lesser levels.

12. The cost of the tickets will be set by the Operator and any changes publicized.

13. Players can pay extra for the ability to select more than six numbers and improve their chances respectively.

14. A person who enters the game must retain the computer – generated ticket and produce it in

order to claim a prize. Prizes will only be paid against production of the original ticket as registered on the

main computer records and upon satisfaction of the provisions of Rule 4:2.

15. Winning selections can be in any order but must be in the same line on the LOTTO ticket.

16. The player has the responsibility of ensuring that any specific numbers selected appear on the LOTTO

ticket at the time of purchase.

17. Winning tickets must be presented to a LOTTO agent or outlet within 21 days, or to the

Operator’s Head Office within 90 days of the draw date in order to secure a prize.

Any prize not claimed within 90 days of the draw date for that game is forfeited and shall be applied to any charity

selected by The President’s Fund.

18. The Pool Prizes will be set by the Operator in its sole discretion.

19. Tickets relate only to one game and cannot be carried forward past the draw to which they refer.

20. The Operator of LOTTO, reserves the right to:

20.1 operate one or a variety of games.

20.2 change the game or any part of it.

20.3 publicize the name, address and photograph of any of the winners.

20.4 declare that any portion of the pool must be won.

20.5 pay big prizes by cheque or RTGS.

21. The Operator is required to:

21.1 publicize the winning numbers of each game after the draw.

21.2 advertise the amounts to be won.

21.3 advertise any changes to the game or to the rules.

22. The decisions of the Operator on any matters relating to LOTTO shall be final and no correspondence

may be entered into.

23. The President’s Fund, the Operator, LOTTO agents, their employees and servants shall not be

liable if payment is made to a person who is not the valid holder of the ticket. No claim for a prize or refund

will be recognized in respect of a lost or mutilated ticket.

24. Neither the President’s Fund, nor the Operator shall be held liable for any loss or damage

sustained by any person whomsoever as a result of the operation of LOTTO and no claim of any nature whatsoever

may be made against the President’s Fund or the Operator arising in any manner whatsoever from the

operations of LOTTO whether through themselves, or their employees, or Agents, or whether arising from

allegations of negligence, whether gross or otherwise, or any other alleged act or omission, or from any cause


25. In the event of any LOTTO draw being abandoned due to failure of the LOTTO system or for any

unforeseen circumstances or act of God, the Operator may at its unfettered discretion refund all tickets

purchased on that respective LOTTO game at invested value.

26. Prizes won by non-residents will be subject to the restrictions of the Zimbabwe Exchange Control

Regulations. Neither the President’s Fund nor the Operator will make any representations of any nature

whatsoever in respect of the remissability of such prizes.




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